Tuesday, March 9, 2010


     Tazagram is located in the very north of district Mardan,and is about 40 kilo meters from the district head-quarter i.e, Mardan city.It is under the tehsil administration of Takht Bhai.The concerned police station is Lundkhwar.The nearest town bazars are Katlang at the distance of 18 and Lundkhwr at the distance of 11 kilometers.It's geographical co-ordinants are 34 degrees,27feet,17 inches north and 72 degrees,3 feet,7 inches east.(according to google earth map of tazagram).
     As written by dr.Qabil khan khattak in his book "SAMA AOR SWAT",that in earlier ages the sub-casts of Yousufzai tribe (namely shamozai and babozai) were occupant.Ten generations ago Tazakhan khattak and his sons migrated from the khattak area and fought against the locals.After winning they encamped in the north of the present village near the hill,that was called ,"BAR KILI" meaning the upper village.Then after a while they came down and built a new village in the name of ,"KOZ KILI",they left the bar kili from the fear of Utmankhel, (residents of baizo kharki),the neighboring village.Then after some-time the present vcillage was established because this very near to water (the stream) and to Qasmi (the village in the east of it).
     The progeny of Taza khan start calling this village Tazagram.Tazakhan was having three sons,naming 1.Shaho khan 2.Esakhan 3.Zankakhan.Therefore,their descendants are known as sahokhel,esakhel and zankakhel.Up to this point it is written by dr.Qabil khan.
    Now, here is the work i did to find the real place of these people,by asking the elders of the Tazagram like Derwaish khan who is the father of Sher alam khan and Sher nawaz khan and Salim shah who has no children and who served in the royal army alongwith the other khattaks.They both told me that all people of the surrounding villages are khattak migrating from the area of khwara (nizam pur) in district nowshera on the west bank of river indus.
     I myself served for 8 years in Nizampur area and found that most of the elder are well aware of the fact that not only the people of Tazagram and nearby villages are khattak and migrated from khwara.But the villagers of Jamal garhi,Gadar,Sawaldher etc are also the khwara khattak.It is told that the khattaks of the eastern Baizai were the companions of the great khattak leadre,thinker and poet Kushal khan khattah when he attacked the the yousufzai who were residing in this area of Mardan district.After the defeat the yousufzai were pushed up to the Swat region,via DARRA MOORA,and khattak occupied this area.Tazakhan was alloted this village.Now,most of the villages in this area are of khattaks,except the few like Babozai,Shamozai, Miankhan,Sangao,Pipal,and Kohi barmol, where the pure yousufzai (utmankhel) still residing.Therefor,they are,no doubt are the indigenous people of this area.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
     Although,most of the population is now well educated, especially the males but still are not aware of his genealogical tree,that they are belonging to the khattak tribe.They cosider themselves yousafzai.